Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Films On Demand

Films On Demand is a web-based video delivery system from the Films Media Group. Films On Demand provides instant access to a growing collection of quality video titles suitable for both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

There are two methods for directing your students to Films On Demand. The first is through the Research Databases page, which can be accessed from http://guides.erau.edu/databases and allows students to access and view all Films On Demand titles available from the Hunt Library. The second is through instructor created playlists, which allows students to view only those Films On Demand titles assigned by their instructors.

To access Films On Demand, learn about creating playlists, or view the technical requirements, please click on the appropriate link below:

NOTE: If you are unable to find the appropriate streaming video content with Films On Demand, remember to consult Voyager, the online catalog. We may have videos and DVDs that meet your needs.

Playlists (Faculty and Staff Only)

In order to create playlists, you must establish a user name and password. Please contact the Hunt Library at library@erau.edu or call us at 800-678-9428 and request a password. We will need you to provide us with your name, phone number and an email address that you use most frequently. Instructors can create personalized playlists for any class upon receiving a password from FMG. After a playlist has been created, Films On Demand will generate a playlist code and URL, which instructors can then imbed within their Blackboard course modules. This will allow students to view only those videos their instructors have assigned or chosen for them to view.

NOTE: Passwords for creating playlists are available only to faculty and staff. Students cannot receive passwords. Students can only access Films On Demand from the Library Databases page, which gives them access to all Films On Demand titles available from the Hunt Library, or through instructor created playlists, which only gives them access to instructor selected titles.

Technical Requirements

Media Players - Software

In order to use Films On Demand, you will need a current version of Windows Media Player, QuickTime or Adobe Flash Player. These players can be downloaded for free. Simply click on the links below and follow the instructions to install the product.

Internet Connectivity

380 kbps DSL, 500 kbps cable modem or faster connectivity.